Manage Social Media: Your 3 Valuable Secrets
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How long does it take to manage social media on a given day? Search Engine Journal suggests it takes more than 15 minutes a day. I agree! 

When you take the time to post, you want your content to be as exciting and engaging as eating a tasty snack. Promotion, helping, and focusing on people are the three secrets to making that happen.

Promote the Latest, New, Interesting Thing from Your Business 

Promote something new from your business is secret number one. This could be a product or service or even a marketing campaign, video, or ad.

Aimee and Cassi
Aimee Zahora (left) and Cassi Williams (right)

I recently starred in Kelly’s Automotive Repair 30-second commercial. Why? Because I like and trust the owners of Kelly’s Automotive Repair, Kelly and Cassi Williams. I’m a repeat and happy client of Kelly and Cassi. That means I want to promote and refer them business whenever and wherever I can. 

Participating in the commercial taught me more about videography. There’s a lot of behind the scenes work and time that goes into producing a high-quality 30-second video. That process in itself gave me a greater appreciation for the film industry here in Georgia.

Kelly and Aimee
Kelly Williams (left) and Aimee Zahora (right)

I also gained first-hand experience in working with some of the team at Muldrow Marketing. Participating gave me an inside view of the power of collaborating within PowerCore

Kelly’s Automotive Repair, Muldrow Marketing, and Aim Higher Now take part in PowerCore. As part of the PowerCore team, we each desire success for the other as we build our businesses naturally.  

Think for a moment about your business. How have you collaborated with another business in your industry? How could you work together with someone in another industry to multiply efforts? Take a moment to write that idea down to make it real.

How Can I Help You? Share Outstanding Content 

Secret number two is to share content that helps people. Many of us like to help others and appreciate when others help us out as well. Sharing helpful information pays dividends to those who follow you. How-to-articles, useful blogs, eye-catching images, and short videos all resonate well with followers. 

Facebook Blog Post
Sharing this blog on social media

Sharing this blog on my website is an example of providing helpful content. When the information stays in my head and in files on my computer, few people can access it. By publishing it on my website, the circle of who has access to this information widens. That circle expands further when I place a link to the blog on social media. This gives my followers the opportunity to see and use this information. 

Think again about your business. What questions do you get asked? What customer review positions a nuance of what you do in a way that resonates well with others? Make a note of how you can share the outstanding content in a FAQ or a customer testimonial to help someone in need. 

People Who Need People: Lucky in the World

Facebook Post Bowling on MLK Day
Bowling on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Secret number three is people like to see people. Barbara Streisand got it right when she sang People in the 1964 broadway hit Funny Girl. We’re social creatures by nature. We like to connect with others on a personal level and see what we have in common. 

Show your followers pictures of you spending time with your kids or customers. We know how special these connections are when we collaborate face-to-face. When it comes to business and social media posts, people still want to see people.  

For Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I posted pictures of my nephews on my Aim Higher Now Facebook page. Being an aunt to those amazing boys is something I treasure. And, it was a blessing to have the day with them. We went bowling in the morning at Junction Lanes in Newnan. In the afternoon we ventured over to Bubbles and Brushes Art Studio. These two creative guys wowed me with their artistic talents.

Reflect once more on your business. What do you enjoy doing, reading, or eating? How do you relax, destress, or give to the community? Scribble a reminder to yourself to post a picture of you outside of work.

Proven Ways to Make Your Social Media Posting Fun

Social media posting takes time to manage. But, it doesn’t have to be all work and no play. Use these three secrets to keep your content fresh.

  1. Promote something new
  2. Share helpful information
  3. Remember people like to see people 

Contact Aim Higher Now if you need help with your social media posting. 

Aimee Zahora, owner at Aim Higher Now, delights in reading and writing blogs on topics that are practical, helpful, and engaging.

what others are saying about us

I absolutely enjoy working with Aimee and Aim Higher Now. Aimee’s professional and insightful approach to marketing, planning, and sharing organic and useful editorial content is unique and appreciated. She’s a person of character and actually listens to what the clients she serves request…yet open and honest enough to share her thoughts in a receptive way.

Scott Hoefker
Church of God Ministries Pastor

Aimee Zahora has contributed insightful articles to the Bible Sabbath Association (BSA). Her style is innovative yet pragmatic. Her practicality does not detract from her depth. Her writing evokes thought-provoking paradigms that inspire readers far beyond the time spent reading her content. Furthermore, she communicates these life-changing concepts with efficiency and clarity. I definitely recommend that everyone spend time reading her content.

Kelly McDonald Jr
BSA President

Aimee took my loosely coupled ideas for our business FB page and created stunning results for us. Now, Dave's Lawn Care Facebook page looks as good as our lawns! Thank you, Aimee!

David Jennings
Dave’s Lawn Care Owner

Aimee Zahora has been a great help in marketing An Enemy Lies Within. Her expertise in content marketing, as well as her professionalism and creativity, has been invaluable. There would be no social media presence for our book without her.

Rob Streetman
President of inLight Consulting
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