How to Write a Blog That People Will Read

Hosting Tribunal cites that over 500 million blogs exist today! How can you make yours stand out from the crowd? What can you do to not only draw readers to your content but also engage them in a meaningful way to peruse your blog?

Start at the Beginning: A Good Place to Start

Begin with a compelling headline. CoSchedule’s free Headline Analyzer is a wonderful tool. It enables bloggers to successfully achieve this goal. Writing a headline that draws people to your blog takes time and involves iteration. The Headline Analyzer provides instant feedback in the form of a score, a stoplight signal (red, yellow, green), word balance, headline type, length analysis and more. As a rule of thumb, continue rewriting your headline until it achieves a score in the green or 70 and above.

What Is Next, Best and All That Jazz?

After your headlines and subheadlines score to your satisfaction, shift your attention to more best practices. Use fun, dynamic videos and images to represent the concepts you are writing about. GIPHY provides many video options that are searchable by keyword. And, Pexels offers some beautiful photos, also searchable by keyword.

Keep your blog interesting by organizing it into short, consumable paragraphs. Use bullet points, tables, and infographics to make it scannable, yet memorable. Link to other blogs or websites that are relevant.

Be sure that the style of your blog relates to your intended audience. Readability of a blog is key to making a blog digestible. Hemingway Editor allows you to cut and paste your text into its app. It then provides feedback on readability, word count, and practical ways to make your writing more concise. For instance, it offers color coding in your text, pointing out adverbs to drop, places where passive voice needs to shift to active voice. It also offers suggestions for phrases to simplify and highlights sentences that are hard or very hard to read. Running your blog through this tool before publishing it presents a better end result.


Blogging Extends Reach and Helps Attract Business

Blogs equip readers with helpful information. They also keep your business relevant and growing. Blogs need a consistent investment in time and energy but yield sustainable results. Be sure to dedicate marketing resources to this worthwhile effort. If you need help extending your reach, either through ghost-writing of blogs or guest bloggers, contact Aim Higher Now.

Aimee Zahora, Owner at Aim Higher Now, enjoys reading and writing compelling blogs on topics that edify, uplift, and enrich.

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I absolutely enjoy working with Aimee and Aim Higher Now. Aimee’s professional and insightful approach to marketing, planning, and sharing organic and useful editorial content is unique and appreciated. She’s a person of character and actually listens to what the clients she serves request…yet open and honest enough to share her thoughts in a receptive way.

Scott Hoefker
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Aimee Zahora has contributed insightful articles to the Bible Sabbath Association (BSA). Her style is innovative yet pragmatic. Her practicality does not detract from her depth. Her writing evokes thought-provoking paradigms that inspire readers far beyond the time spent reading her content. Furthermore, she communicates these life-changing concepts with efficiency and clarity. I definitely recommend that everyone spend time reading her content.

Kelly McDonald Jr
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Aimee took my loosely coupled ideas for our business FB page and created stunning results for us. Now, Dave's Lawn Care Facebook page looks as good as our lawns! Thank you, Aimee!

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Aimee Zahora has been a great help in marketing An Enemy Lies Within. Her expertise in content marketing, as well as her professionalism and creativity, has been invaluable. There would be no social media presence for our book without her.

Rob Streetman
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