Does God Have a Good Sense of Humor?🤣
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The Bible describes God in a plethora of ways: slow to anger, compassionate, patient, a giver of gifts, a shield, a bearer of burdens, gracious, abounding in love, and faithful. All these positive qualities deserve emulation. What about the quality of humor?

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Does the attribute of humor come to mind when considering our Lord and Savior? Does God really have a good sense of humor? Yes! In Psalms 2:4 the psalmist writes, “He who sits in the heavens laughs.” There’s also humor in the name of the book of Hebrews as it clearly instructs men to make coffee (HE-brews). 

Consider some more statements below from His Word. 

  • After Jesus Christ fasted for 40 days, Matthew 4:2 states “he was hungry”. Understatement!
  • After Lazarus dies, Jesus commands the stone be removed. Mary protests. Her precise words are humorously recorded in John 11:39, “by this time he stinketh”. Belly laugh.
  • After Jonah refused to carry out God’s desires for the city of Nineveh, he was swallowed up by a great fish and then later vomited out. What a creative reprimand!
  • After thirty-two year old Jehoram passes away, the writer of second Chronicles remarks that it was, “to no one’s regret”. Ouch!
  • When David feigns insanity before the king of Gath, King Achish poses the following question to his servants, “Do I lack madmen, that you have brought this fellow to behave as a madman in my presence?” Oh boy.
  • Gideon was hiding out from the Midianites in the Book of Judges when an angel appears and addresses him as “mighty warrior”. The angelic greeting presents a stark contrast to the fear Gideon was feeling.

6 Powerful Ideas: Humor Will Improve Your Relationships

Most would agree that any good relationship includes humor. So, when it comes to our relationship with God and Jesus Chris, are we intentionally weaving in humor? Peruse the list below for a list of ideas to improve your relationships.


  1. Seek out stories in the Bible that strike your funny bone.
  2. Pay attention to phrasing in the Bible that generates laughter.
  3. Thank God during prayer for the humorous part of His nature.
  4. Observe humor in God’s creation.
  5. Pray for the ability to better detect God’s humor.
  6. Listen for the humor God sometimes reveals during meditation. 

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