Aim Higher Now is a vision and a call-to-action. Content produced by Aim Higher Now seeks to marry aspiration with practicality. Using a proprietary blend of art and science, Aim Higher Now produces content that people read.

Aimee is the VP of Marketing at Aim Higher Now. Prior to this role, she worked as an accomplished sales and marketing professional with 20 years of expertise contributing to a Fortune 50 company and a small marketing agency. She resides in Newnan, GA, and delights in spending time with family, as well as swimming, reading and playing hymns on the piano at church.

what others are saying about us

I absolutely enjoy working with Aimee and Aim Higher Now. Aimee’s professional and insightful approach to marketing, planning, and sharing organic and useful editorial content is unique and appreciated. She’s a person of character and actually listens to what the clients she serves request…yet open and honest enough to share her thoughts in a receptive way.

Scott Hoefker
The Living God Ministries Gulf Coast Pastor

Aimee Zahora has contributed insightful articles to the Bible Sabbath Association (BSA). Her style is innovative yet pragmatic. Her practicality does not detract from her depth. Her writing evokes thought-provoking paradigms that inspire readers far beyond the time spent reading her content. Furthermore, she communicates these life-changing concepts with efficiency and clarity. I definitely recommend that everyone spend time reading her content.

Kelly McDonald Jr
BSA President