Are you content with your content? Social media posts? Facebook ads? Website copy? Blogs? Does your writing communicate your benefits to your clients in the best way possible?

I get jazzed by helping business owners communicate better with their clients, referral partners, and prospective clients. My favorite business owners to write for are pastors, life coaches, tax experts, consultants, realtors, and lawn care professionals.

My goal is to understand your content marketing needs. Then, I write and edit copy that helps you talk about what you do in a manner that interests your clients. And, when your clients understand how you can support them, your business grows. That understanding also brings about referrals and golden retriever-style customer loyalty.

Special Offer: Your Benefit - Strong, Fresh Set of Eyes

Are you ready for a fresh set of eyes that will address some of those content marketing needs? During a free coaching session, we'll brainstorm on some easy, next steps that you can complete. Then let me know if you'd like a proposal that explores how we can best work together.

Powerful Words: Inspiration, Imagination, and Purpose

I began my career with a Fortune 50 company, and then transitioned to a small marketing agency. Throughout those 20 years, I gained a wealth of sales and marketing experience. Then, I chose to start my own content marketing business. Why? It comes down to this: writing is part of my DNA. Words make me tick.

One of my great aunts was a professional writer. She spent many of her working years living in New York ghost-writing for an author. As a child, I loved to read. The written word has the power to inspire. It fostered my imagination and the dreams that awakened my purpose. Those experiences shaped my devotion to writing.

Aimee Zahora
Aimee Zahora

In content marketing, any well-written copy or Facebook ad must contain a call-to-action. I selected a business name that reflects both a call-to-action and a vision. I also lifted the verb aim embedded in Aimee to reflect a smidge of my life-long affection for puns and humor. Voilà: my business name Aim Higher Now was born.

When I am not working, I delight in a breath of fresh air while walking among the tall trees of Georgia. I also thrive on spending time with my energetic 7-and 10-year-old nephews. They shape my view of the world with their imaginative eyes.

what others are saying about us

I absolutely enjoy working with Aimee and Aim Higher Now. Aimee’s professional and insightful approach to marketing, planning, and sharing organic and useful editorial content is unique and appreciated. She’s a person of character and actually listens to what the clients she serves request…yet open and honest enough to share her thoughts in a receptive way.

Scott Hoefker
Church of God Ministries Pastor

Aimee Zahora has contributed insightful articles to the Bible Sabbath Association (BSA). Her style is innovative yet pragmatic. Her practicality does not detract from her depth. Her writing evokes thought-provoking paradigms that inspire readers far beyond the time spent reading her content. Furthermore, she communicates these life-changing concepts with efficiency and clarity. I definitely recommend that everyone spend time reading her content.

Kelly McDonald Jr
BSA President

Aimee took my loosely coupled ideas for our business FB page and created stunning results for us. Now, Dave's Lawn Care Facebook page looks as good as our lawns! Thank you, Aimee!

David Jennings
Dave’s Lawn Care Owner

Aimee Zahora has been a great help in marketing An Enemy Lies Within. Her expertise in content marketing, as well as her professionalism and creativity, has been invaluable. There would be no social media presence for our book without her.

Rob Streetman
President of inLight Consulting
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